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'Art in the Park' is a children's holiday project I designed and led during summer 2023. The children developed storylines, creative characters and set designs for a film, where their imaginations ran riot. We used a variety of artistic techniques to inspire the children to be as creative as possible from painting and collaging to clay modelling and mask-making! I try to be as eco-friendly as possible when running art projects so we used lots of recycled cardboard and plastic as well as things we found in Victoria Park such as leaves, twigs and flowers.


During children's the project I also like to find ways to build the children's confidence and encourage teamwork so we had lots of collaborative work, games and all groups had to present their work and story ideas throughout the week. 


This project was run on behalf of Community Arts by ZK and supported by Pendle Borough Council and Fun Vibes Active Lives, as part of the holiday activities and food programme (HAF).

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