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The Great Dorset Steam Fair

A short documentary film about The Great Dorset Steam Fair, an annual five-day show in the heart of Dorset, featuring steam-powered vehicles and machinery. It has been running since 1969 and was the largest steam fair in the world! However sadly we have had recent news from the organisers that it will not be held again.

This was a nostalgic and charming event that featured vintage steam-rollers,  fairground organs, cinemas, rides,  games and shows, many tribute bands and acts, monster truck demonstrations, antiques, WW1 & 2 trench reconstructions and much, much more. 


Please enjoy the documentary and interviews from a few of the wonderful exhibit holders who were passionate and yearly attendees of this event. I have only documentary fraction of what this festival but I believe it captures some of the essence of it. 

To see the documentary please click on the images or the link to a Vimeo website (apologises about the low quality due to the website parameters). For the original high-quality copy please get in touch:

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