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An Arts Council funded community project combing textiles, photography and ceramics.

For photos and documentary film of this project please click here.

Over 12 creative sessions I worked alongside the diverse community of Pendle to create pieces that reflect what 'home' means to them. This was an Arts Council funded,  Community Arts by ZK project, in which I taught textiles whilst collaborating with photographer Nik Hartley & designer-ceramic artist Sidra Zubairi.

Whilst at first 'home' may appear to be a simple, easily definable word, it is in fact an incredibly abstract and multidimensional notion that is greatly entangled with our sense of belonging and identity.

Through the mediums of photography, ceramics and textiles we transcended language and cultural barriers in a project that engaged an overlooked community of mainly, but not exclusively, South Asian women, refugees and asylum seekers, who are underrepresented in the arts. 


Over a series of workshops, I taught the group skills including appliqué, embroidery,  and fabric photo transfers. Each participant worked these techniques into their own mixed-media tapestry piece (roughly 77x88 cm each) to create a unique interpretation of 'home'. Themes of family, food, music, culture and memories appeared across many of their works. In many of the tapestries, you will see both ceramic pieces and photographic elements reflecting the collaboration between our three artistic disciplines.

The 'Translating Home' exhibition was displayed at the Pendle Heritage Centre in addition to ceramic jewellery pieces the group made with Sidra and documentary photography they been taught under Nik's guidance.


It was a great fun and a huge privilege to lead this project in which I made many new friends. For more pictures of the workshops and exhibition, as well as the documentary film (made by Nick Farrimond), please click here .

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