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Children's workshops

For photos of some of the children's projects I have run please click below: 

These are some of my favourite workshops I do as  a Community Artist. The children never fail to surprise me with their interesting and joyful artworks!  

Recently I have developed, ran and taught the Spring Beans, Frosty Fun and Art in the Park workshops on behalf of Community Arts by ZK. In these workshops we get up to a variety of art activities including zine-making, film animation, watercolours, papier-mache,  collaging, clay modelling, printing and much more. Check out more pictures on Community Arts by ZK website

zine-making workshop

In the zine-making workshop we explored superhero powers getting the kids to think about what they might want to help or change in the world today. We had a great range from eco-girl to shapeshifters. Some focused more on the storytelling element and others  on the design and artistic elements of making the zine. The kids finished off the workshop with a confidence-building exercise, reading out their stories and presenting their fantastic zine creations to the group! 

Watercolours and fabric-wrapping workshops

Over two workshops we built fun wands. In the first workshop the kids played around with watercolours adding salt and rice to their pages as well as experimenting with straws and blowing the paint around. The next day we collected sticks and wrapped them in colourful recylced fabrics. The kids then cut the watercolour pages out into the shapes and pictures to stick on the top of these. We then had a great walk parading the wands!

Bean picture workshop

Thank you to Hodmedod beans for kindly donating a variety of lovely beans, pulses and grains for this workshop!

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